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Epoxy primer - EP-101
  • Epoxy primer
  • Epoxy primer
  • Epoxy primer
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EP - 101

EP-101 is a two-component solvent-based, low-viscosity epoxy primer that penetrates and fills concrete pores, providing an effective surface barrier against moisture migration, venting, and chemical infiltration. EP-101 penetrates into the concrete substrate to enhance adhesion and form a sufficiently strong base for subsequent coating.


  • For priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars.
  • Binder for levelling mortars and mortar screeds.
  • For low to medium absorbent substrates.
  • Suitable for concrete, brick walls, metal and wood.


  • Low viscosity
  • Good penetration
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Easy application
  • Reduces outgassing
  • Re-strengthen weak substrate

Application Information

Application instructions


1. Substrate quality / Pre-treatment

  • The concrete substrate must be sound and of sufficient compressive strength (minimum 211 kgf/cm²) with a minimum pull off strength of 15 kgf/cm².
  • Substrate water content is less than 8%.
  • Surface treatments or any friable areas of the subfloor must be mechanically removed.
  • All substrates must be clean, dry and free of all contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, coatings and surface treatments, etc.


2. Mixing

  • EP-101 A is added to EP-101 B, mix continuously for 2~3 minutes until a uniform mix has been achieved.


3. Application

  • Apply EP-101 by brush, roller or squeegee.
  • Note: A second application is recommended on high porosity, unsound or very absorbent substrates.


4. Consumption

  • 0.2 - 0.3 kg / m²
  • Note: This figure is theoretical and does not include for any additional material required due to surface porosity, surface profile, variations in level and wastage etc.


5. Cleaning of tools

  • Clean all tools and application equipment with thinner immediately after use.
  • Hardened and/or cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Technical Information

Packaging / Storage


 EP-101 A: 16 kg / metal pail
 EP-101 B: 4 kg / metal pail


  • 6 months in the original, unopened containers at temperatures between +5 °C and +30 °C. Stored in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight, flame sources and freezing.